Jim Andrews, Enigma n2 biog
the faceless men, Machine Corporation (featured website) biog

(note added 2009: this piece is not properly functional and is currently withdrawn by the author, though it is still present on the original infLect site).


Komninos, a midlife koala ponders life biog
Jason Nelson, ending 6 biog
Jason Nelson, ending 9
Hazel Smith and Roger Dean, The Egg The Cart The Horse The Chicken biog
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Brian Kim Stefans, Proverbs of Hell (Dos and Donts) biog
Thom Swiss, Motomichi Nakamura, Robot Friend, Fresh Icons biog
Ana Maria Uribe, three erotic Anipoems biog


Camille Bacos and mIEKAL aND
entre pyrobiblios biog
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Deena Larsen, simply7 biog
Christina McPhee memoires of a cyborg: avatarotica biog
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Pauline Masurel and Randy Nehila, I who...? biog
(Note added 2009: This piece is co-hosted, and currently does not work appropriately on this infLect site. See the alternative site.)


Adrian Miles VogBook1 biog

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Jason Nelson uncontrollable semantics dreamaphage biog
Alan Sondheim ruined biog
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