A creative arts journal of online sound, text and image (peer reviewed). Founded in 2009 by Hazel Smith and Roger Dean (the editors).

An initiative of the MARCS Institute and the Writing and Society Research Centre, Western Sydney University, Australia.


Vol 10 (2019-20) presents work by David Kim-Boyle (and other artists to follow).  Four and More is our ongoing section focused on works with multi-channel audio (launched as Vol 7); other volumes (links below) include works by Keith Armstrong;   Daniel Blinkhorn;   Brigid Burke;   Anne Brewster J.R. CarpenterRoger Dean;   John Drever and Lawrence Upton;   Jhave;   Will Luers;   Joshua Mailman;   Jason Nelson;   Paul Rudy;   Hazel Smith ;    Alan Sondheim; Eugenio Tisselli;   Sarah Tremlett;   David Worrall and Stuart Ramsden;   Nanette Wylde;   and Michael Young.


The soundsRite site uses Quicktime technology (to decode AAC and H264 compression), Flash and HTML5 (in recent OS, you may need to specially reactivate the plugins for Flash and Quicktime). Some such pieces are being converted to MP4 progressively. We currently recommend the Chrome, and Safari browsers, and the site is designed for Macintosh OSX. For the multichannel audio works you may need to attend to your audio channel layout. Specific information is offered in relation to some pieces.

the interactive animated soundsRite logo/4-channel sound piece on this page isby roger dean, spoken text by hazel smith: the audio varies continuously; banners on other pages are by lurline beard.

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