If your browser supports HTML5 and AAC (m4a files) or Vorbis (ogg files), then you should see a player below. This player works in Safari(preferred), Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Snowtalking is a quadraphonic piece; the listener is best placed in the centre of the field surrounded by the four loudspeakers, and there is no concept of front or back, though the listener is expected to directly face speakers 1/2 or 3/4. The opening is heard on channels 3/4 (most commonly at the rear of the space, and after 18 seconds a segment of the spoken text is also heard on channels 1/2. Safari will play the best version available. The AAC (mp4/m4a) and Vorbis files (used by Chrome and Firefox respectively) are 4 channels as required. For any older browsers that do not support HTML5 we have provided alternative versions using the Quicktime plugin,and a .mov file with 4 AAC-compressed channels, 1-4.